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What is it?

Maintenance Control Program

Specifies the requirement that elevators shall be serviced and maintained at regular intervals. determined by a variety of factors such as age and usage and other factors 

Code Data Plate

Code Data plate is a "tag" affixed to your controller or mainline disconnect it is not the red tag issued by the state of illinois. The Code Data Plate specifies what code your elevator should be inspected under.

Maintenance Records 

This part of the code specifies in part that maintenance activities shall be recordedand that those records be made available to elevator personel. This includes WRITTEN record of MONTHLY fireman's service testing

Wiring diagrams 

This is the requirement that the elevator has up to date wiring diagrams located in the elevator equiptment room or control space 

See what the OSFM has to say   

When did that change?

Currentlly in the state of Illinois there are a number of codes that elevators are subject to. For a complete list go here OSFM Illinois

When did I need that?

Take a look here OSFM March 2011 

What we do

Elevator Maintenance

We provide consistent on-site monthly maintenance. On-site written maintenance control program. Code data plates, Maintenance records. We can provide assistance in locating wiring diagrams for your elevator. We provide monthly fireman's testing.    

Do you need a pressure test?

One call to 815-529-9705 

We set up the test, We schedule with the inspector, We perform the required testing.  Next time the test is due We will contact YOU! kind of a novel idea in the elevator biz. We really are serious about getting your elevator tested BEFORE you get a failure notice. It's a safety issue.


Fireman's service testing

Fireman's service MUST be tested monthly and operate as designed. it's a serious public safety issue. The results of the test and any repairs MUST be entered into an onsite written record.  We perform all types of fireman's service testing. We also offer stand-by service for alarm testing. 

We can help you to be in compliance.

Let us show you how we can maintain your elevator on a monthly basis to help insure code compliance.